Thursday, 16 May 2013

Spoilt little sod...

Yesterday I woke up one year older. I love birthdays, probably because I always get well and truly spoilt. This year was no exception.

Having spent the previous evening with my mum, drinking Grandad's home-made wine, I woke up a little worse for wear (which seems to be a tradition for me on my birthday) and found that the gift giving had started early, with the universe giving me this to wake up to:

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In case you hadn't already noticed a tendency to include something of his in most of my lists, I'm something of a Joss Whedon fan and so I spent the rest of my day off work luxuriating in a mild hangover and a rewatch of some Buffy, while awaiting my birthday guests.

Talking of which, you've gotta love friends who'll bring you the things that you were supposed to sort out for your evening but were too crap and hungover to manage, so a big shout out goes to both Midge and Rerab for saving my bacon and ensuring we got fed. You're the best besties a girl could wish for.

I spent the rest of my evening hanging out with awesome people, laughing at the two best little people to have ever walked the earth, and stroking my presents. Wanna know what they were? Course you do...

I got some practical things - like some decent cutlery (we seem to have had nothing but butter knives in our house up until now, which means you may as well just pick your steak up and chew it) and a swish new cocktail flask (of course it's for cocktails - what else would it be for?!)

I got some clothes as, even though my bedroom is stuffed to overflowing already, I never have anything to wear.

My Playstation Lego addiction was further fed (I am OBSESSED with these games) along with some stonking British films.

I got a book on one of my idols, Mr Leonard Cohen, which I can't wait to start tearing into, and a beautiful journal which came complete with assorted quotes from fantasy novels inside. I'm already getting nerdy and checking how many of these I've read (with a note to pick up the rest) and am planning on using only my best pen (yes, I have a best pen) and handwriting in it. 

And NikNak outdid himself with an amazing framed poster of my favourite book of all time...

But what about the cake? I hear you all cry. Wait until you get a load of this:

Wanna see it in action?

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Yes, that is the Iron Throne. Yes, those are heads on spikes, complete with drips of blood. Yes, those are sparklers. And yes, Rerab made it all with her own awesome hands.

It tasted as good as it looked, but I'm banning anyone from so much as touching the throne...

So, that was my lucky am I?!?

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