Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Musicals aren't all bad...

I've been lent a copy of the Les Miserables stage show by a well-meaning soul and, although I can't imagine that the addition of some watery-eyed ballads can make me change my opinion, it got me to thinking about musicals. I'd thought for some time that I wasn't really much of a fan, thanks to things like The Sound of Music, but on reminding myself of Frank N Furter singing Sweet Transvestite in Best Character Entrances, I realised that I was wrong. 

I do like musicals. I just happen to only like the ones that are awesome. Which, surely, means it's time for another list! And so, without further ado, I present to you - My Favourite Songs in a Musical.

Note: The Rocky Horror Picture Show will not be included here, as it's in a class of its own and besides, I posted my favourite song from that in my last list

10. Dr Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog

From the god-like (to me) Joss Whedon and Neil Patrick Harris, who isn't half bad himself, comes Brand New Day, sung by our titular aspiring supervillian after being vexed in love by his nemesis, Captain Hammer.

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9. Oz 

Obligatory Oz clip time! From the very beginning of the show, the relationship between Beecher and head Aryan Schillinger (played by the fantastic J.K. Simmons, who should be in all the things) was fraught with rape, ass-branding and the murder of loved ones. In a move I never thought to see, and was delighted with, Season 5 brought us a musical episode, and this:

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8. Sweet Charity

I once went to see this show staged by a local amateur dramatics group, and have never quite recovered from hearing this sung with a Janner accent. But I'm being unfair. After all, in this moment Sammy Davis Jr stole the entire film.

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7. Buffy The Vampire Slayer

YouTube is an asshole who doesn't want me to show you anything from Once More With Feeling, the musical episode in which a demon comes to Sunnydale and soon has everyone bursting into song, whether they like it or not. I'd love to show you I'll Never Tell, where Xander and Anya sing their pre-wedding jitters, but a video with just the lyrics will have to stand in instead.

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6. Grease

I grew up watching Grease, but even back when I was little I couldn't stand Sandy and secretly wanted to grow up to be Rizzo. For me, Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee was always the gleefully bitchy highlight of the film.

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5. Cry Baby 

Long before Johnny Depp started wearing the Scarves of the Midlife Crisis, he was Cry Baby. I probably love this film a little more than is healthy.

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4. Moulin Rouge

I don't actually know what I think of Moulin Rouge as a whole, but I can't deny that it has its moments. Roxanne being one of them.

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3. The Blues Brothers

In a film packed with amazing singers and songs, the Queen of Soul (naturally) takes the crown.

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2. Little Shop of Horrors

The stand-out song from an outstanding film (shut up, it is) comes courtesy of Steve Martin...

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1. South Park - The Musical

Having gifted me with my favourite moment in a cinema ever, this had to be number one. A song from a musical inside a musical, the moment this started playing there was an audible gasp, a moment of silence, and then the entire cinema fell about in hysterics.

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Now I've had my fun, it's over to you. What have I missed?


  1. Wowwwwww!!!! Only need to add that Blue Skies (or whatever the last song in Rocky Horror is) makes me cry every single time. And I will remember the Uncle Fucker moment with joy until the day I die. And is it wrong to love Little Girls from Annie? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDkEXszYtdo

    1. It's most definitely not wrong to I've that song (and totally agree about the crying).

      Musicals ARE awesome, after all.