Saturday, 18 May 2013

Getting FUBAR

It's the Birthday weekend, which means drinking. I used to be excellent at drinking but seem to have turned into the type of person who's smashed after a couple of drinks. But the real question is, just how FUBAR will I get today?

Place your bets, please!

5. The Anthony Michael Hall

Just drunk enough to think I'm cool, and using my drunk voice, but not yet smashed enough to ruin my cool illusion. 

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4. The Golden God

I soon start showing off. This is the 'hey everyone, look at me!' stage.

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3. The Withnail

Where I start to become belligerent, and usually in the least appropriate of settings.

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2. The Fear & Loathing

At some point, I will start to behave like this...although I will still think I'm perfectly OK to carry on drinking.

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1. The Nick & Norah

While this should be Simon from Inbetweeners, YouTube won't let me embed it, and so this becomes the final stage...

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What stage will I make it to? 

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