Friday, 24 May 2013

Friday night's alright for fighting

I've been having something of a scrappy week and, while it hasn't yet resulted in any violence, I can't say I haven't fantasised about slamming a few heads into my desk. But while I can't go around visiting physical injuries upon those who annoy me, I can certainly come up with a list of my favourite screen fights...

10. Rob vs Ian - High Fidelity

The scene that started this post, it shows exactly what I've been doing this week. The only difference being that the prick I want to beat up isn't called Ian.

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9. Chev Chelios vs baddie - Crank: High Voltage

The Crank films are my guilty pleasures. Gleefully batshit, Crank: High Voltage hit surreal heights with this fantastic Godzilla inspired giant head fight.

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8. Jay & Silent Bob vs Internet posters - Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back

I would dearly love for Jay to visit those on my shitlist. Or for him to be my best friend. I think he's awesome even when he's beating up children.

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7. Ripley vs Alien Queen - Aliens

Apparently women are the weaker sex, but don't tell Ripley that. Besides, who needs muscles when you're a badass with a powerloader?

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6. Columbus vs Apartment 406 - Zombieland

When the hot girl from the apartment next door wakes up with a serious case of the zombies, Columbus shows off some survival skills that are probably more like mine than any other on this list...

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5. Indiana Jones vs show-off swordsman - Raiders of the Lost Ark

When you just don't have the time to get into a fight...

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4. Ting vs fight club dude - Ong Bak

Having just watched this fellow annihilate some poor dude, it looks like it's shaping to be quite the scrap when Ting inadvertently enters the ring.

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3. Oh Dae-su vs a small army - Oldboy

Facing a corridor full of tooled-up thugs, Oh Dae-su battles his way through armed with nothing but a hammer (ouch). This one looks like it hurts a lot.

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2. River vs a bar - Serenity

That awkward moment when your secret government training is subliminally triggered by a commercial, and you kick the living shit out of an entire bar.

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1. Good Ash vs Bad Ash - Army of Darkness: The Medieval Dead

My biggest battles are always with myself. Besides, Bruce is the King. Hail to the King, baby. Hail to the King.

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Those are my favourites. What are yours?

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