Friday, 3 May 2013

On entering a room...

So there I was watching A Fantastic Fear of Everything, when Simon Pegg launched himself spectacularly into a bathroom. Undoubtedly the highlight of the film, it got me thinking. 

There are  many ways to enter a room, but here's a selection of my favourites:

10. Handsomely

The most rewatched scene on any of my DVD's....I wonder why? (Aragorn - Lord of the Rings)

9. With a flying kick

Surprise! (Jason Statham - The Transporter)

8. Behind Stan Lee's back

While I most definitely do NOT approve of the smashing up of libraries (the horror!), it's no mean feat to do it under the nose of an oblivious librarian. (Spidey & The Lizard - The Amazing Spiderman)

7. While being attacked by a vampire puppet

I can guarantee that this would get you some attention. (Spike & Puppet Angel - Angel)

6. Bursting through someone's chest

This one might hurt a bit (if you're not the alien) (Poor John Hurt - Alien)

5. With an axe and a smile

And become a cinematic icon in the process. (Jack Torrance - The Shining)

4. Via a hook slide

Kind of helps if you have a hook for a hand. (Buster Bluth - Arrested Development)

3. Through a wall

This probably shouldn't be attempted at home unless you are a replicant. (Roy Batty - Bladerunner)

2. Through the ceiling

All these years later, I still want to know the end of the joke... (John Bender - The Breakfast Club)

1. Crawling out of the TV

Although the downside is that everyone watching you do so will have died of fright by the time you emerge. (Sadako - Ringu)

Meanwhile, these guys can't even find the room...

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