Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Spin off's I'd like to see

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Last week Rerab informed me of the very welcome news that Breaking Bad's Saul Goodman is to get his own show, and passed on a challenge. So, for Danny, here's my list of spin-off shows I'd most like to see.

Extreme Fishing with Quint

Tune in as Quint gets drunk and tells terrifying fishing anecdotes...

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...before getting devoured by a different giant fish each week.

Willenholly's Wildlife Rescue

Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back's Federal Marshall Willenholly is a man of action...

...which could come in handy as he tracks down and attempts to rescue vulnerable animals, in a show that's both entertaining and educational.

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In the Army Now

I can't be the only one out there who wants to see Arrested Development's Buster Bluth show off his skills...

...and earn those Army medals.

Vinnie Van Lowe Investigates

There's more than one P.I. in Neptune (it's that kind of town). I propose that Veronica Mars' rival get his own show. We already know what the theme tune would be...

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Crap Cops

True Blood's Jason Stackhouse and Andy Bellefleur are two of the greatest minds to ever enter law Bon Temps.

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I'd have happily seen the last few series do away with Sookie entirely and just show me more of these dudes instead...

Troy and Abed in the Morning

Community's already done my work for me, but I'd do anything to see this show become a reality...

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Hannibal's Sunday Kitchen

Regardless of the fact that it's, y'know...people, I'd happily tune in each week just to watch Hannibal cook...

...and drink wine. Though that might just be an excuse to post another gif of Mads...

Into The Wild with Chrissie and Paulie

The Pine Barrens episode of The Sopranos gave me one of my favourite hours of TV, ever. Who needs Ray Mears when these dudes can teach you how to light fires...

...get sustenance from sachets of ketchup, and keep it together when you're lost in the woods.

Banky's Cartoon Club

I can't think of anyone more appropriate to helm a Rolf-style children's art show than Chasing Amy's Banky...

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...just as long as no-one calls him a tracer.

Anatomy with Vince Masuka

While programmes such as Channel 4's Anatomy for Beginners proved to be both informative and gross, new presenter Vince Masuka should make it both so much more informative...

For iPhone/iPad click here. well as so much more gross.

There you have it - my most wanted spin-offs. Now the telly gods just need to make them a reality.

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