Saturday, 20 July 2013

The Freebie 5 - Euro Dudes

Lying around in the sun has nearly completely destroyed all of my capacity for coherent thought and has even made trying to string a sentence together rather difficult. Much better to look at pretty pictures instead, so why not continue our trawl through my Freebie 5’s with a look at some Euro dudes who just happen to be face-meltingly hot?

5. Tcheky Karyo

Usually found playing the bad guy (and therefore immediately making me root for the wrong side), Turkish born French actor Tcheky Karyo first came to my attention in Crying Freeman. Now, if he's in it, I'll watch it. Even when it's The Core, though I find it infinitely preferable when it's in a film in which people get kicked a lot:

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4. Christoph Waltz

Austrian German Christoph Waltz is making it something of a habit to steal every film he's in, no matter the size of the part. Classy, charming and ever so slightly silly, I could watch this man read the telephone book. But I'll settle for him threatening James Franco instead:

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3. Vincent Cassel

Another Frenchman, Cassel started off blisteringly with La Haine. Showing impeccable taste in film roles (especially whenever it comes to starring alongside Viggo Mortensen, who would have made this list if he hadn't been, y'know...American), he's never anything less than mesmerising, and is only getting better with age. 

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2. Mads Mikkelsen

I can't stand the James Bond films so didn't get on the Mads bandwagon with everyone else, never really understanding the attraction. Until I saw Valhalla Rising. Never has a one-eyed, filthy and brutal mute been so attractive: 

Having also since come to my attention as The Man With The Fantastic Thighs in the cinematic abortion that is the Clash of the Titans remake (and the only thing worth looking at in the entire film), as well as Holy Crap Check Out That Scorching Knight in King Arthur, happily Mads is now busy melting my TV screen (as well as modelling a fine range of suits) each week on Hannibal:

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1. Sebastian Chabal

The only one who isn't an actor, what's really strange about this choice is that Sebastian Chabal is a sports dude. I hate sports, and can be found with my head buried in a book whenever NikNak chooses to watch any. The only way I can be enticed to look up is if this man is onscreen:

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I think I need a lie-down now, I'm feeling a little...ahem...overcome.


  1. Have to disagree with you Leese about Cassel having impeccable taste in film roles; have you seen "Trance"? It's fucking risible. To be fair though, he isn't too bad in it.....

  2. Ah, I haven't seen it yet. Still, like you say - even when it's bad he's good, so I'll let him off.