Monday, 15 July 2013

Magic of Thieves, by C. Greenwood

1 star

Suckered in by the title and the fact that it was free, I'm now glad I hadn't paid for this as there really wasn't much magic in it for me.

Orphaned as a young child by the Praetor's men as they cleanse the land of those with magic, Ilan soon finds herself in the keeping of a band of thieves after being rescued from abandonment by one of their number, Brig.

Growing up among the gang, she's soon joined by Terrac, a young priest wannabe whom she saves during the course of one of their robberies. It's during the course of another, unsuccessful, robbery that Ilan meets another priest, who recognises the magic within her and offers to teach her, which she turns down for now. But seems to take up after Brig is killed, and she wanders off into the end of the book.

For something that wants to be character driven, this was a rather shallow and flimsy read. I couldn't really get into the characters and their relationships as it skipped so quickly across the years, and couldn't get into the character of Ilan at all, who I found inconsistent and completely unlikeable.

Sing it, Snooki...Starting off as Brig's adoring shadow, soon she's slavishly loyal to the outlaw's cruel leader, Rideon, instead, especially once he gives her the mother of all kickings. Thoughtless, spiteful, selfish and cold, she's soon being a snide little cow to Brig, for no apparent reason. When she's not being an ungrateful little wretch to him, she's being a complete cow to Terrac, who she seems to have saved mostly so she has someone at her side that she can always be a bitch to. Until Brig is captured, when suddenly he means more to her than the world and she'll stop at nothing to get him back, including throwing Terrac under the bus.

Having seemed to have picked up a magic bow during her attempted rescue of Brig, that's the only bit of the book that really intrigued me, but I'm not so bothered that I'll be reading any other entries to find out more.

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