Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Best on-screen use of music

We've already taken a look at why musicals aren't all bad, but what about the non-musicals? They're often no slouches in the music department either. But while a soundtrack is one thing, some of them use music in better ways than that. Let's take a look at my favourite onscreen uses of music, shall we?

The Wire (Theme from Shaft)

Possibly the worst cop in the world, if there's anyone in the world that's the opposite of Shaft, it's Herc. Which is why his listening to the Theme from Shaft while trying, and failing, to chase down a hopper amuses me so.

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Beetlejuice (Day-O, Banana Boat Song)

What better way to prove to your guests that your house is really haunted, than by a possessed rendition of the Banana Boat song?

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Almost Famous (Tiny Dancer)

Nothing brings people together like singing along to your favourite song, even if you've been seething with hatred and are no longer speaking...

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American Psycho (Hip To Be Square)

Patrick Bateman schools Paul Allen in music appreciation. With an axe.

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The Big Lebowski (Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In))

After having had his White Russian drugged, the Dude has the best dream sequence in the history of dream sequences.

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High Fidelity (Dry The Rain)

Rob is about to sell 5 copies of The Three EP's by the Beta Band.

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Pretty in Pink (Try A Little Tenderness)

Every girl needs a Ducky in her life. And every girl needs to realise than when you have a Ducky, you do not go after someone called Blaine.

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500 Days of Summer (You Make My Dreams)

Everyone's had that feeling. You've just spent your first night with the object of your affections, and it feels like a marching band should be playing as you walk down the road...This clip makes me ridiculously happy, for some reason.

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Touching the Void (Brown Girl In The Ring)

An astounding film (if you haven't seen it, do it), telling of the incredible survival against all odds of climber Joe Simpson after his disastrous and almost fatal attempt on Siula Grande. A perfect illustration of how inane your own brain can be when you least need it, of all the things you want stuck in your head when you're inching your way painfully down a mountain, it's probably not Boney M.

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Without A Paddle (Bump n Grind)

Incredibly puerile, but I don't care - the first time I saw this I cackled like a loon for about a year, then rewound it and watched it again. And again.

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Well, those were my favourites. What are yours?