Friday, 23 August 2013

The Freebie 5 - Over 50 Edition

It's been a while since we had a list and as my brain is buzzing with bees thanks to a severe case of the sniffles, making it hard to think, why not take a look at some pretty instead as I continue my trawl through my Freebie 5's? This time around, it's the Over 50 Edition.

I've always had a thing for a man with a few years on him, and over the years it's become even more likely that the objects of my lust are men who've already reached half a century. Below are my favourites.

Iggy Pop (born 1947)

I’ve had a thing for Iggy since I was a teenager, and no number of dodgy insurance adverts is ever going to change that. Look at him….

You just know he’d be ever so filthy, and ever so much fun. (P.S. The first person to comment disparagingly on his wrinkles wins the chance to post a shirtless picture of themselves here, on the occasion of their 66th birthday).

Bill Murray (born 1950)

I first fell in love with Bill Murray as a little girl, watching Ghostbusters, and it’s a crush that’s only got worse with time. Funny is most definitely sexy, and Bill Murray is hilarious.

Danny Trejo (born 1944)

One of the actors guaranteed to get my money, no matter what, Danny Trejo has one of the most wonderful faces I’ve ever seen. I like men who look like they’ve really lived, and you can’t deny that there’s an awful lot of life here. I want to live in those bags…

Clancy Brown (born 1959)

Clancy Brown is a god. I’ve watched any number of terrible films over the years just because Clancy was in them, and I don’t regret a single second. And while I’ll never find him more attractive than when he’s like this...

…I don’t really need to see him either. That wonderful, rumbling voice could make things happen all on its own, which makes the fact that he provides voice-work for children's shows a little strange for me.

Viggo Mortensen (born 1958)

It’s positively indecent that one man can be so talented. As well as acting, Viggo Mortensen is a painter, poet, photographer and musician. Looking fantastic whether he's opening a door handsomely or baring all for his art, even a combination of every single apparently hot actor under 50 would find themselves outscorched in comparison.

Well, those are my favourite half-centurians. Who are yours? 


  1. I would add one Mr Willem Dafoe (born 1955), with a slice of Kevin Bacon (1958), a notable Sean Penn (1960) and, no matter his life-span, there will always, always be space for Jeff Bridges (1949).

  2. Yes and yes to Messrs Dafoe and Bridges. But in a case of the good old Double Standard, while the dodgy adverts don't count against Iggy with me, Bacon's do...