Sunday, 4 August 2013

Bones of Faerie, by Janni Lee Simner

3 stars

I really rather enjoyed this post-apocalyptic take on magic, in a world that's been left devastated by the War between humankind and Faerie. While Faerie hasn't been seen since, it's left it's mark on the world and in Franklin Falls, home to 15 year old Liza, everyone knows that you don't venture out alone after dark, you stay away from the trees, and those that are touched by magic are a danger that can only be dealt with one way.

With Liza's father being her village's leading zealot, when she starts showing signs of magic she has no choice but to flee home and enter the wild and dangerous world.

From being caught by the creepy and tantalising opening, I read this in virtually one sitting, and while it wasn't particularly challenging I enjoyed the world built, and the ways in which it had changed since Before. I loved the idea of all the vicious plants, moaning harvests and hissing shadows, and was also glad to be in the company of a YA heroine who wasn't clumsy, self-obsessed, whiny or stupid.

It was easy to predict certain things and there was nothing particularly mind-blowing about the plot, but I enjoyed sitting back and relaxing into it for a while, and wound up being pretty decently entertained.

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