Saturday, 11 January 2014

Wild Justice, by Kelley Armstrong

4 stars

I meant it earlier about back-to-back Armstrong - we're straight in to the next entry and this time it's all about Nadia as Jack has tracked down Drew Aldrich, the man who walked free from court following the death of her cousin, Amy. Only things aren't quite as straightforward as they seem and when Aldrich is killed by someone who isn't Nadia, she not only has to come to terms with what happened in her past but accept the possibility that Aldrich hadn't worked alone. To complicate things further it seems the Contrapasso Fellowship, the legendary vigilante group whom Evelyn had been pressing Nadia to join, also have a stake in the case. On the romance side, she and Quinn have broken up, although Quinn isn't quite so clear on this as Nadia is which makes things that little bit easier when she and Jack finally get together.

A great finale to the series, I enjoyed how Armstrong wrapped up the questions that have been gnawing at Nadia since the start and, whilst inevitable, I also enjoyed how she finally brought Nadia and Jack together, and especially their interaction once she had. Thankfully, things hotting up between them doesn't mean the monosyllabic Jack is suddenly transformed into a gushing fountain of sentimental declarations, or Nadia a simpering twit.

Consistently entertaining, while this might not be quite as addictive as the Women of the Otherworld, it's not far off and was precisely what I needed to distract me during the past few days of hanging out in bathrooms.

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