Saturday, 11 January 2014

Made To Be Broken, by Kelley Armstrong

3.5 stars

When your flat has been transformed into a biohazard thanks to a touch of stomach flu, there is one positive, at least - you get to spend days seeking refuge in your Kindle and back-to-back Kelley Armstrong. 

And so we're back with Nadia Stafford, AKA Dee, former cop and current hitwoman, as she investigates the disappearance of her least favourite lodge employee. Being both from a bad family and a teen mum, when Sammi and her baby don't make it home from work one night even the police don't seem to give a shit and so, reminded of her cousin and supported by Jack (who's staying at her lodge whilst recovering from an ankle injury picked up on a job) Nadia steps into the breach.

As addictive as the first instalment in this series and building nicely towards the series' conclusion, it's becoming clear that Nadia is in serious denial about what happened when her cousin was killed, as well as about her feelings for Jack. Misinterpreting him at every time, even after eavesdropping on him, instead she's settling for Quinn.

I'm glad to say that I'm enjoying this series as much as Armstrong's previous works and, while I'm sure I'm not going to be hugely surprised by the ending of Nadia's story come the final instalment (hooking up with Jack and finding out that she wasn't left untouched by Amy's killer, by any chance?) I'm really enjoying the ride.

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