Monday, 14 October 2013

He's the greatest dancer

Whenever I’m drunk, I soon come to the conclusion that I am the world’s greatest dancer. It doesn’t matter that this isn’t backed up by anything like actual video evidence (au contraire, mon frère!), in my head I look awesome.

But there’s something that would make it even more awesome – a partner. One that not only isn’t embarrassed when you hit the dancefloor, but who makes you look nailed to the floor.

Here are my picks of fantasy dance partners (that Youtube will allow me to find clips of).

The one at my level

And who even does the same dancing face as me...

For iPhone/iPad click here.

The one that makes it look easy

No, not the Todd. The other one...

For iPhone/iPad click here.

The one who taught me everything I know

And did it so well, there's even a dance named after him.

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The one who's responsible for me paying to see the Step Up films

Even though he's not even in them anymore, so really that's no excuse...

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And the King of Awesome...

No words necessary. Just sit back and enjoy...

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