Saturday, 13 April 2013

The Freebie 5 - teenage edition

I'm feeling a bit nostalgic today following my soundtrack, and it got me thinking about the men in my (imaginary) life. 

I'm a fickle girl at the best of times - it's easy to win my heart, but easy to lose it too - but these men had my heart, and my wall space, when I was a teenager.

The All-Timer

I still have a soft spot for Keanu these days. I don't care that he seems a little dumb, I don't care that he had a terrible accent in Dracula, and I don't care that he looks like a tramp most of the time. I will watch absolutely anything he makes (still), and love it. The news that they're now remaking Point Break and Bill & Ted makes me feel a little bit stabby.

The one that didn't need to be understood

I loved Faith No More. And even though I could barely make out what Mike Patton was singing most of the time (he became even less understandable as time went on and he cut his hair), I loved him too. I can only find terrible photos, so it's a good excuse to post one of their videos instead.

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The one with the best hair

You may be noticing a trend here towards long hair. This one had the longest, plus tattoos, and liked dancing around with a sock on his willy. What's not to love? He doesn't look half as good these days with short hair and a porn moustache...

The one I wanted to look after

It's impossible to look at Evan Dando, or listen to any of his music, without going 'Aww'.

In case you're wondering what his music sounds like, here's The Lemonheads with one of my favourites:
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The one with the fantastic name

Of course, it helps that Whitfield Crane IV looked fantastic too.

And if you're thinking "Who he?", here's a song I'm sure you'll remember:

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Thinking about it, my tastes haven't really changed all that much...have yours?

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