Saturday, 13 April 2013

Soundtrack of my life - TheShitWizard

What better way to spend your rainy weekend than compiling a soundtrack of your life? It's much better than doing housework. So, after much soul and Youtube searching, I present to you....

TheShitWizard - Soundtrack to my life...

My Theme Song

The song that should open the movie of my life (when they make it which, why wouldn't they?!) and that seems to sum me up best would most definitely be this:

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Reminds me of being a kid

Mostly chosen due to the fact that our local video shop only seemed to have 2 videos, ever, and as a result my brother and I watched this at least once a week. Ray Parker Jr should get a shout-out here too, as we also watched Ghostbusters approximately 9,999 times growing up.

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First single I ever bought

After checking release dates (I take this way too seriously, no?) I can now report that the first single I ever bought was in fact...

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Reminds me of college

I spent most of my time whilst at college twatted on £1 pints at JFK's, and many a night drunk-dancing to this with my besties. I'm sure we looked very cool, and covered in beer after the 2:20 mark...

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Then I went and got a job

And now....
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First single he ever bought me

Then I met him, and he bought me this. It's 15 years later and we're still here, so he must have got it right.

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Makes me wanna shake my ass

It probably helps that I do have a lot of 'back', as this is guaranteed to get me shaking my thang. The jury is still out on whether or not that is a good thing.

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When I'm angry

I have a list. It's been updated quite a lot over the years...I also wish I was Juliette Lewis, so this suits very well.

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Makes me feel good

It's absolutely impossible to stay in a bad mood after listening to this. 

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Makes me feel a bit sexy

I've never been one for subtlety...although I hasten to add it's the music and not the visuals that make me feel that way. I'm not quite that weird...yet.

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And we're done

The only thing left is for the song to be played at my funeral. If this song isn't, I'm coming back and haunting all of your asses.

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And that's it for my soundtrack. You can look forward to seeing NikNak's, Midge's and Rerab's once I've bullied them into it. 

In the meantime, what's yours?

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