Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Dragon Haven, by Robin Hobb

(Rain Wilds Chronicles #2), 4 stars

Accompanied by the livebarge Tarman and his crew, the dragons and their keepers are continuing their perilous journey toward the Elderling city of Kelsingra - if it still exists. But acidic water, flash floods and hunger aren't the only danger they must face - there's also those that come from within the group, and not just from those planning on enriching themselves through plundered dragon parts. 

As both groups are altered by the bonds between dragon and keeper, so are the relationships around them: as Alise is apprised of the true nature of her marriage and Sedric discovers just how wrong his previous notions of the dragons (and Hest) really were, Thymara is finding herself increasingly at odds with the 'choices' being imposed upon her by Grest's assumed leadership. Meanwhile, the dragons are growing stronger, and more dangerous, every day.

I love how Hobb takes things we already know, such as the Rain Wilds environment and its effect upon those who live there, and gives us a new light in which to see them, and I'm as intrigued by the metamorphoses of the keepers as I am by where we may go now we've reached this point in the journey. I can't bear to be outside of Hobb's world any longer than necessary, so I'm heading straight into City of Dragons.

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