Friday, 27 February 2015

City of Dragons

(Rain Wilds Chronicles #3), 4 stars

With our dragons and keepers now settled, albeit on a different side of the unpassable river to Kelsingra, they and Tarman have fulfilled their contract with the Cassarick Trader's Council. Sadly,  the Council isn't keen on paying them their dues and news of their find has inflamed most with greed, ensuring that as Leftrin tries to make his way back to the colony (accompanied by some of our old friends, who have themselves fallen victim to Chalced's thirst for dragon parts) he does so with more than a few followers. Meanwhile, both dragons and keepers alike are discovering that there's more to Kelsingra than meets the eye.

Giving us some new viewpoints to consider (the bastardly Hest and the infinitely hateable Duke of Chalced - the man who most wants our dragons carved up), City of Dragons gave us a better view of how our group and their discoveries fit into their wider world, as well as reminding us that said world is about to rudely intrude on the one they're making for themselves.

I'm slightly concerned at the title of the next and last in the series - Blood of Dragons - but that's not going to stop me from diving right in.

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