Thursday, 7 August 2014

Take This Job and Shove It

We all have those days where we fantasize about the looks on our colleagues faces as we spectacularly end our careers (or is that just me?), whether through a satisfyingly scathing resignation or behaviour so appalling you need to be frogmarched from the building. So, for those of us who'd love to do so but are unable thanks to a need to eat occasionally, I give you my favourite on-screen career enders.

Role Models

It would be bad enough having to consume enough energy drinks to turn your pee green, without then having to go and talk to kids about how your drink is way better than drugs. But having to do it on the same day as being dumped is just asking to be unemployed.

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Bruce Almighty

Being passed over for promotion is bad enough. Finding out about it on-air is a recipe for a firing.

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Some people have no taste. When it's your boss, you may have to find yourself pretending you share those shitty tastes. At least until you don't want to work there anymore.

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As someone who hates most people, a career in customer service is most definitely not for me. I imagine most of my interactions would end like this.

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The Wire

The only thing more satisfying than punching the prick who's made your work-life hell, is knowing that he's also your father-in-law (unembeddable so click pic).

Breaking Bad

Sometimes it takes finding out you've got cancer to inspire the best insults.

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You have to admit, this would be an incredibly satisfying way to leave your hated job.

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American  Beauty

The only thing better than telling your boss what you really think, is doing that and then blackmailing the bastard.

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Fight Club

Or you could do the above, but with added violence and reputation ruining. This clip is edited, unfortunately, so you're just going to have to watch Fight Club again to see it in full.

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Of course, it's much better to simply avoid having to take the bloody job in the first place.

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So, what did I miss?

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