Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Moon Called, by Patricia Briggs

2.5 stars

Mercy Thompson was raised by wolves. Werewolves, in fact, although she's not one herself. Instead she's a 'walker', able to slip from her human form into that of a coyote whenever she chooses. Her neighbour's a werewolf though, as is the young man that turns up at her garage needing help before turning up dead on her doorstep, and soon Mercy is up to her neck in them as she tries to thwart a plot against her local pack.

This was a decent enough paranormal outing that was probably all my run-down brain could cope with at the time, that starred a heroine that didn't particularly make my shit itch, but still spent far too much time dwelling on dominance, submission and hierarchies to completely suit. Much of its time was also spent over-explaining absolutely everything, although this did come in handy towards the end as the plot thickened and I was no longer able to keep track of - or care about - what in the gibbering flip was going on.

I'll probably come back eventually to give this series at least one chance to improve, but I won't be rushing.

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