Sunday, 1 June 2014

Eleanor and Park, by Rainbow Rowell

All the stars

This probably isn't going to be a proper review.

In my head, I'm still busy making it mix-tapes full of Smiths songs and doodling its name on all of my books, in between wondering what happened to both Eleanor and Park after the book and how life is treating them (I hope it's being kind). If I could think about them during English, I would (it'll have to be during a team meeting instead).

The story of Eleanor (picked on and defensive), and Park (quiet comic-book fan) finding and falling for one another, simply and beautifully written (to the point I wanted to underline everything), this is a wonderful little slice of perfection that nearly had me inhaling it all in one sitting - I made myself save some for the following morning knowing I'd be bereft on finishing (and I was).

The sort of book that had me wanting to shove it at random strangers in the street, yelling 'THIS IS FUCKING AWESOME!' in between crying at its loveliness, it's also the sort of book that will make me hold a grudge against any others I read for a while for not being This Book, which will now be bought for the birthdays of absolutely everybody I know.

I love you, Eleanor and Park.

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