Monday, 28 April 2014

Eric, by Terry Pratchett

4 stars

I'm either getting my mojo back or there's something in the air, as I've picked up the next Discworld book starring Rincewind to find myself not only unirritated but positively enjoying him. 

I know, I'm surprised too.

In Faust Eric, Rincewind is accidentally summoned by a teenage demonologist who'd like three wishes granted. Although Rincewind is definitely not a demon he's still bound by the summoning, and so (to Rincewind's surprise) a click of his fingers soon sees him taking a trip around the Discworld as he sees to Eric's wishes - to be ruler of the world, to meet the world's most beautiful woman, and to live forever. As happens with most wish-granting, they don't quite turn out the way Eric expects and he and Rincewind are soon being prepared for sacrifice, popping in to the Tsortean (Trojan) War to discover that, while pleasant, the classics may have exaggerated Elenor's (Helen of Troy's) beauty somewhat, and then having a quick chat with the creator as the Discworld is brought into being, before finding themselves in hell.

Very quick and very amusing, this was a really fun read that sped by in no time at all, and one that's proven I no longer need wrinkle my nose whenever picking up a Rincewind book.

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