Thursday, 27 March 2014

16 years

16 years ago today, NikNak and I got together. So, in celebration, here are 16 films that were released that year...

1. The Big Lebowski.

We must have watched this one at least 1,000 times over the last 16 years, so this film really tied our relationship together.

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2. Rushmore

Kickstarting a shared adoration of Wes Anderson, further cementing my love for Bill Murray and inducting Jason Schwartzman into the hall of people who should be in everything...

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3. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

One day we will go to Vegas and recreate this film. I think I'd be NikNak's attorney...

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4. Blade

For my money, Blade is one of the best vampires ever thought up. And Wesley Snipes is one of the only action stars that I really believe could kick my head in.

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5. Antz

It may feel kinda yucky watching Woody Allen films these days, but he was the perfect choice to voice Z in a film that harks back to his earlier, funnier films.

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6. Taxi

Daniel is the best taxi driver, ever. And Samy Naceri should be in more things.

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7. The Faculty

Whatever happened to Josh Hartnett? Based on this I thought he was going to be great, but...

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8. Ringu

NikNak introduced me to Asian horror films, and my nightmares haven't been the same since...

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9. Armageddon

I don't care how stupid this film is, it's one of my guiltiest pleasures. And yes, I always cry at the end.

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10. Run Lola Run

While I'd like to be able to say I'd do the same for NikNak, I'm nowhere near as fit as Lola and after 5 minutes the rest of the film would just be me, turning purple and gasping for breath.

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11. Buffalo 66

Back in 1998 I had a thing for Vincent Gallo. I think it's because of the eyebrow ridge he shares with NikNak.

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12. Out of Sight

Also known as the only film in which J-Lo is any good at all...

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13. American History X

White supremacists are fucking terrifying...

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14. Saving Private Ryan

It's all bloody Matt Damon's fault...

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15. The Truman Show

NikNak had no idea when we got together just how many 'reality' shows I'd watch over the next 16 years...

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16. Godzilla

I don't think I've ever seen NikNak so excited as when he first saw this trailer. Sadly, his excitement didn't last throughout the film. Here's hoping Cranston helps pull it off better this time around...

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Happy Anniversary!


  1. Replies
    1. It turned out to be a great year, film-wise. No filler needed to get me up to 16!