Friday, 8 November 2013

The Freebie 5 - Musical Edition

It's been a little while since our last trawl through my Freebie 5's and so, as it's Friday and the weekend is nearly upon us (woo!), it's time to revisit my list of imaginary boyfriends. This time it's the Musical Edition.

5. Leonard Cohen

I first fell in love with Leonard Cohen long before I’d even set eyes on him. It was in those dark days before the internet, you see, and so instead of gazing at his face I had to content myself with letting his wonderful words wash over me. 

Now edging ever closer to 100 years old and still terrifically twinkly, he makes the list even though I’d be slightly worried that I’d kill him.

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4. Nick Cave

Even though Nick seems intent these days on dressing like a porny Vegas lounge-lizard, it hasn’t diminished his sexiness in the slightest. I imagine that sleeping with him would be very intense…and possibly lead to him imagining murdering me in song.

It won't let me embed him here, so click on the picture to watch him in action.

3. Gruff Rhys

From the first minute I heard Hello Sunshine, my crush on Gruff Rhys was born. He really is so very lovely – and I can’t really put my finger on why. Is it his lovely accent? His lovely music? his lovely jumpers? his lovely beard…? One thing’s for sure – he’s lovely.

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2. Wayne Coyne

Looking better every day that he gets a little more salt in his pepper, Wayne Coyne looks to me like the world’s most charismatic cult leader. It’s a cult I’d very much like to join. 

 *crosses fingers* Please let it be a sex cult.

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1. Prince

In the history of the world there has never been anyone as sexy as Prince, and anyone who doesn’t fancy him clearly has something wrong with their genitals. True story.
In my fantasy freebie 5 scenario he starts by putting my make-up on for me (he’s way better at it than I am) and we try to imagine what silence looks like, before getting bored and spending the rest of the evening acting out International Lover.

Again, this won't let me embed him (fnar!) so click on the picture to watch one of the only videos of his that seems to remain on Youtube...

And the 'if only they weren't dead' bonus:


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